‘the world will never be the same’.
it sounds scary. but what if it’s not?
what if the post-pandemic
world is a chance to be more curious.
more human. more ‘whoa, that’s interesting’.
more tolerant. more present.  more playful.
more open like never before.

as society started reopening,
we rolled out coca cola’s new creative platform.
films, ooh and advertising space donated
to small businesses about to reopen,
like never before.

* credited only for tag line and concept development.
below is some of the work developed by the greater
72andsunny team

Open Like Never Before

Creative + Writer
* only tagline and concept dev. *

Josh Harris
Agency: 72andSunny

again. this is some of the work that
came out of the line and platform.
the films, ooh and activations
were made by other lovely people.
if you like this stuff,
i can put you in touch.