hello. i’m jørgen.
from norway.
an ex-finance student at the uni of miami.
where it turned out, i suck at mathematical
formulas. so i dropped out.
moved home. did one year of army service.
before working as a prison guard.
then, i applied to hyper island in sweden. 
where they said coding was the future.
but i still sucked at mathematical formulas.
so i tried to get good at good ideas. 
started taking photos
and got an internship at anomaly amsterdam.
from there, a job at 72andsunny los angeles.

from 2014 to 2021, i worked
at 72andsunny in amsterdam.
i played goalkeeper.
caught nasty canal fish.
and wrote campaigns for google,
adidas, ikea, axe, carlsberg,
klarna and coca-cola.

from 2021 to 2024, i worked 
at supernatural in new york city.
where i took photos of people
without permission. and wrote some
relatively weird ads for kayak.

now i’m in oslo, working as a very
remote freelancer
for brands and
agencies around the world (hopefully).

nice to have you here.
below is a picture with stormzy.
it makes me look important.

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